For a travel experience

in Kagawa and Shikoku

that is unique and out-of-the-ordinary


Travel Arrangements


TABIMORISHA prides itself on providing one-of-a-kind experiences



Based on a desire to provide travel that places value on meeting people, TABIMORISHA offers the opportunity to engage in unique experiences, get a feel for the Shikoku region and meet wonderful people.

*Registered land operator (Also handles overseas travel arrangements, with a particular focus on Africa)

Based on a network of contacts built up by Sakura Mori as a local blog writer over 10 years, TABIMORISHA organises trips that are full of fun encounters focused on interesting people in Kagawa and Shikoku. A TABIMORISHA tailor-made holiday ensures that you get the most out of your trip to Shikoku.



700とも言われている瀬戸内海の島々! 穏やかな波音に揺られながら、島々をめぐる貸し切りクルーズツアーを楽しむこともできます。





香川県の東の端、東かがわ市へ♬ ~職人技に出会う旅~




Shikoku Coordinator & Guide

◆人と食 地域ネットワークをフル活用

People and food – Maximising the local network

香川県三豊市を中心に、地域で活動する人と美味しいものをご案内することを得意にしています。 日頃から、瀬戸内、四国のネットワークを広げて、随時コーディネートに生かせるよう幅広く活動しています。また、アフリカ旅行の手配もおまかせください。

Based in Mitoyo in Kagawa Prefecture, TABIMORISHA specialises in introducing visitors to local people and delicious local foods. Our Setouchi and Shikoku network is constantly being expanded and provides a useful tool for coordinating customers’ travel arrangements. We also handle travel to Africa.



Local Food Attendant (Catering Service)


Local food professional



There is a growing demand for catering services at guest houses in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture. The best way to learn about local food is to have it cooked by someone who is familiar with the area and who can share local stories. As a local food attendant, TABIMORISHA liaises with a “local food professional” to deliver delicious meals made with local, seasonal ingredients.




As a land operator that offers one-of-a-kind experiences and valuable encounters with local people, TABIMORISHA promises fun, out-of-the ordinary travel both in Kagawa Prefecture and throughout the Shikoku region while also conveying the appeal of local foods and specialities. Please feel free to ask for travel advice and recommendations.